Posted by: jenn11970 | February 18, 2009

Graduating?? From college?? How old am I??

Okay, so I took some time off, and I guess I really do have a lot of things on my mind.  It just never seems to be easy to get those thoughts into a readable form from my messy mind.  I also worry too much about how people will feel about what I write.  I guess I shouldn’t really care since it is not like I have thousands of fans anyway!

The biggest news in my little world is that I am going to my daughter’s graduation from college in May.  L invited me as did her parents.  I will be staying at their home, and although I feel very comfortable talking to them on the phone, and felt very comfortable in person, I am still very uneasy.  I am very excited to get the chance to be there.  I am really happy she wants me there.  I am super happy her parents see it will make her happy, and invited me too! However, there is still a lot of uneasiness in my mind.  I just can’t put my finger on it, but it is there.

I spoke to L on Sunday, and we were making some plans for what we would have time to do while I was in town.  I will only be there 3 maybe 4 days. (Hubby is staying home with the 3.5 yr old so I may go Friday to Monday.  It will depend on whether it is Mother’s Day weekend or not.  If it is Mother’s day, I may fly home Sunday so I can be with DH and LO for some of the day.  Still working on the logistics.)  One thing we both thought would be fun would be…….karaoke on Friday night at some local bar they go to.  It was my idea, so I could hear her sing in person.  She does musicals, and takes voice lessons, so I really wanted to hear her sing, and this seemed like a “cool” way to do so.  She was ALL for it!

Now the hard part.  What in the world do I get a girl who already has everything as a gift for graduating from college?!?!?!  She turned 21 last year and I got her a Tiffany bracelet with the heart tag.  In retrospect, I probably should have waited on that one!  I really have no clue what to get her.  At least I have some time to think about it.

LO is doing well.  Her First Mom and her new baby are moving into an apartment this week.  She is very excited, and I am happy for her.  I don’t like that her baby’s Dad is going to be living there too, with NO job, but it is her life.  We talked about him at length, and she knows she doesn’t want to support him forever, but is willing to try it out for the sake of their daughter.  Besides, he takes care of the baby while she is at work saving her money for daycare.  She told me she will take it one day at a time, and keep her eyes open.  He has little to no self esteem, and even less to no motivation.  These are things she already she knows.  Oh well.  We will probably go over for a visit once she is settled in.

I do have a few other posts I am working on.  Mostly on how I have been processing my reunion and how I feel about telling DH’s Mom about L.  I am going to have to do that soon.  I shouldn’t have to lie about where I go and who I see.  Those will be for another day tho’.

Thanks in advance for any ideas about gifts.  I will try…no promises……to be a little better about this blog.  Truthfully, I am just gunshy.



  1. I don’t knwo what she’s going into after graduation, but perhaps getting her a nice leather briefcase/coach bag kind of thing for her entry into the professional world?

    Happy you get to go to the graduationa nd visit. I’d be nervous to stay in the family’s house too.

  2. it is about time…..

  3. Oh congrats on her graduation, and how lovely that you’ll be attending!

    I am no help on gifts, they’re hard for me too.

  4. That’s so cool that you will be attending! I am clueless for gifts, but I’m sure she will love anything you get her.

  5. How about something to go right along with that graduation, like a really nice diploma display so she can proudly put up that (expensive!) piece of paper wherever she lives or works?

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