Posted by: jenn11970 | December 2, 2008

Been Awhile……again

I really need to get into a swing of writing more often.  I find that when I purge my feelings here, I feel more centered.  Life has happened lately, never seems to be enough time to do the things I want to do, see the things I want to see, or be with the people I want to be with most.


Spent the Thanksgiving holiday back home in good old NY.  Seems that “plague” was going around, however no one informed us before we got there.  Fast forward to the travel home, and I was the lone healthy person in the plague-mobile.  Both hubby and child down with a case of the creeping-stuffy-cruds-with-cough.  Other than the germ-fest, the visit was nice.  Due to the death of my sister-in-law’s Mother, I was unable to get to Boston to see my daughter.  I am hopeful that maybe she can come out here in the Spring.  We are definitely planning for the Summer of ’09, but would both love to see each other sooner.

We haven’t spoken on the phone in a few months, and e-mails have been sporadic at best, but when we dio talk in emails it is nice.  She is so sweet, and always ends with ‘I love you and miss you’, but it just seems like there is something…….missing.  I can’t explain it.  I know there have been a lot of things I have wanted to say to her, or ask her, but I hesitate.  I wonder if she is doing the same thing.  I do know that when we do get together again F2F, I am going to have a list ready.  LOL!!  Right now, I feel like I have to follow her lead, and when she is ready to talk deeply about her adoption, and any feelings she may or may not have, I will be ready.  Such is life here.  Keeping the status quo.

Little One’s First family will coming over around Christmas.  That should be fun, and I am sure she will have a blast running around with all of her cousins.  Her First Mom had a baby in October, and LO had a nice time seeing her when we visited in the hospital.  J has been hopping from her Mom’s house to the boyfriend’ s mom’s house, so we haven’t seen her since the birth.  We have spoken a few times, and all seems well there.  I talk to her mother more than I talk to her. 

LO is doing well in gymnastics, and loves going to school.  She really seems to be growing up.  If I could only get the “sassy” under control.  I am told it is a phase, and am very hopeful.

That’s about it from the nut hut.  I am going to go and take some Thera Flu, as now I have come down with whatever I brought home in the car.  Fun Fun.  Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.  Looking forward to Christmas, since my Mom and 2 of 3 brothers will be here to celebrate it with us.  Should be really nice.  Promise to get back on the wagon with this blog thing.  I am finding I need it more and more.



  1. Thera-flu is good, but I prefer DayQuil, it has a crisper finish and subtle hints of pear and chocolate.

    Can you tell I’m on the cold medicine too?

  2. Mmmmm sounds yummy. I am using the Apples and Cinn Thera Flu. Got tired of the warm lemonade. LOL! Cheers **clink**

  3. You two are funny gals…Addie is on a roll on her blog…maybe this is the start of something good for you both.

    Jenn it is nice to read you again…must chat sometime soon…how are things with D…hope all is improving…miss you

  4. Thera-flu is good, but I prefer DayQuil, it has a crisper finish and subtle hints of pear and chocolate.

    I thought it was more apple notes than pear, Addie. Heh.

    Good to hear from you Jenn.

  5. I H A T E that you do not blog…H A T E it.

  6. I have many ideas started……I just need to finish them!! LOL!!!

  7. really…you never gonna blog again…I am taking you off my reader…I MISS YOU leave the mafia and come back to me

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