Posted by: jenn11970 | August 6, 2008

Wonderful Day!

Today I had to go to the eye doctor as I have been having some issues with my current contacts, and it had been over a year since my last visit, so off we went.  I get there and find out I have to be fully dilated.  I hate that!!!  So we get the exam out of the way, find out my eyes have actually changed very little, get the new scripts, and we head off to pay the co-pay.  I had to hold my checkbook so far away from my body that the lady behind the desk offered to write it out for me because I couldn’t see the lines!!  LOL!!!  So that is how far-sighted people feel!!!  We laughed, I paid, and then it was off to sign Little One up for gymnastics.

The gym isn’t far from the doctor, and I could see far away fine, and with my sunglasses on I didn’t feel quite so blind.  The whole way there my daughter is in the back chirping away about “Nastics Mommy, I go nastics…yeah!!”  We get there, get her registered, and the owner tells us to go ahead and take a look around.  He tells me to take her through the locker room to the gymnasium floor so she will have an idea of what the areas are.  I wish I had brought a camera so I could have the look on her face documented forever.  The complete and total awe in her eyes, and on her face was amazing.  I knelt down beside her and answered every “What’s that?” for the next 10 minutes.  Then it was time to leave.  Maybe the tour wasn’t a good idea after all.  She started to cry because she wanted to go and climb NOW.  I quietly explained to her that we would be back, and she could play then.

The whole way home she told me she was going to go on the rings.  She was going to climb on the mats.  “I do salt, Mommy.”

What a wonderful day, and I can’t wait to do the Mommy and Me class with her!!!

Being dilated and blind for about 5 hours……

Trying to fill out forms I can’t read, and keep my eyes on Little One at the gymnasium…….

Look on her face when she sees all the gymnastics equipment for the first time………PRICELESS!!

Man, I love her…..and I love being her Mom.




    I hope she loves her Nastics!!

    And then you can go gray with me when she starts doing handstands and kartwheels on the sidewalk like Liam does, or using our retatining wall as a pummel horse, or……. you get the picture!

  2. Jenn it is very obvious that you love being her mom…

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