Posted by: jenn11970 | May 9, 2008

Wow… a New Low…Non-Mom

Non-Mom. That is the category used by NBC and Telefora for adoptive Moms. As a First Mom, I almost expect to be put into a “special”category on Mother’s Day. I have lived my own little special hell every Mother’s Day quietly reminding myself that I was a mother even though I wasn’t raising my daughter. Now….Now raising the daughter we ADOPTED, I am still not a Mother????????? If I am not her mother, who is??

In my way of thinking, The only thing different about my family, is how it came to be. I Mother the same way my Mom did, the way her Mom did, the way my Dad’s Mom did. I will raise my daughter to the best of my ability EVERY day. I am not more or less Mom than someone that gave birth to their kids.

NBC changed the category title on their website, but I am still not happy. the following is what was on their website earlier today. Now we are labeled “The Adopting Mom”. The only person in that group I would not call a “technical” Mom is the woman running an orphanage. She is probably the only Mom many of those kids know, and I am sure she loves them all the way a Mom would, but she is not legally a Mom. The other 2 women in that group are, and do not need a label. If I were to label the one woman, I would call her “A Special Mom”.

Enough ranting. I can’t even keep a straight train of thought. Please use the contact info below and make yourselves heard. I hope they will listen. Feel free to also join this Facebook group if you are on Facebook and support our cause.

“Non-Moms” and supporters against TeleFlora Mother’s Day Campaign

I will fess up now that I copied and pasted most of what Deb wrote in her blog regarding NBC, below. It will allow me to get this posted faster. Thanks Deb!!

The non-mom mom

Grandparent, stepmom, or mom to adopted children, each one raising and loving a child. A priceless gift for everybody. does that make you feel..and hey, all you real honest to God moms what do you think…how non mom am I!!

Oh and if you want to glare at it with thine own eyes….

Please voice your thoughts to those who can make a difference…I have…and I may again…It sure would be nice to know that you can’t possibly agree with this crap.

A phone number to call and complain (1-800-Teleflora – 1-800-225-7435) and this information if you want to write a complaint-AFM TV LLC
11444 W. Olympic Blvd., 10th Floor
Los Angeles, CA 90064
Attn: Chief Legal Officer
Fax: (310) 966-5758

People are emailing the Today Show – and some are even emailing Donnie and Marie to send complaints. Someone called this number 212-664-4249 and got a live person to complain to (whom she said agreed with her).



  1. This whole thing pissed me off…I have copied your info and am including it on my blog. They need to know how terrible this is. They need to make up for it!

  2. Thanks to AnnMarie, I am aware of this and have emailed the Today Show to voice my opinion….they should be ASHAMED.

  3. What a moving post. I got here via Ann Marie’s blog. I’ll be emailing the Today Show as well.

    What’s the name of the Facebook group, btw? I tried finding it…

    Most of all – idiots aside – a wonderful Mothers’ Day to you!

  4. Thanks ladies and Happy Mother’s Day to all of you!!!

  5. “Non-Moms” and supporters against TeleFlora Mother’s Day Campaign

    is the name of the Facebook group.

  6. I was stunned when I read your blog— I wish I’d seen it BEFORE I used Telaflora to order my mom’s flowers! You are a MOM. Not NBC, not Teleflora can say otherwise. Happy Mother’s Day to YOU. JIG

  7. As the mom of both biological and adopted children, and the granddaughter of an adoptive mom, I can tell you that “real” is what really happens. “Real” is raising them, being there for them, getting up at night with them, sacrificing for them, loving them and teaching them to be loving people. I can say from personal experience the love for a child is the same whether you bore them or adopted them. You BONDED. You grew together through the thick and thin of life. You even in some ways grow to look alike. You sound alike. You act alike–not exactly, but probably as much as siblings do. I have an adopted child who looks more like me than one of my biological kids does. What makes a mom? I will say if you are a woman who has a child and that child has a bedroom in your heart–you are a mom. And there need be no adjectives in front of the word mom.


  8. Teleflora sucks for so many reasons that I won’t even try to list them here. I wasn’t aware of this particular travesty before I sent them a blistering e-mail detailing why I will NEVER use them again, but rest assured, they’ll hear from me on this issue as well.

  9. I hope that things will improve next time.

  10. Holy smokes. My eyes are burning, and I’m not being figurative.

    I had a lovely dinner yesterday with my two daughters and my mother. Not once in the entire day — not when I was writing on her card, nor when I was hugging her and thanking her for being generally adorable — did I for one second stop and think, “Well, she’s not my actual mom, of course.”

    Mom and Dad brought me home from the hospital when I was 5 days old. I didn’t grow in her tummy, but that has never mattered. In fact, I wrote an article about this very issue, which wound up being purchased by and published in “Chicken Soup for the Adopted Soul.” (I know that sounds like self-promotion, but I already got paid, and I don’t get royalties, so this is not salesmanship.) I related how my mother defined “adoption” for my sister and me when we were too little to completely understand. She said, “You were loved enough to be given up, and loved enough to be taken in. ‘Adoption’ means ‘twice-loved.'”

    I am thoroughly disgusted with Teleflora and NBC. Clueless ivory tower elitists. Seriously.

  11. Ridiculous. Surely the whole point of adoption is to give children parents? So how does that make you not a mother?

    The most crass, insensitive, bean-counting, pigeonholing bunch of tossers ever. They need their credentials examining and to be shown the door.

  12. Count The Cookie among the outraged as well.

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