Posted by: jenn11970 | March 6, 2008

Your Birthday

For my lovely Daughter,

Your birthday is coming in just 5 short days, and along with it, so many emotions. As I look back on all the birthdays that have passed since your birth, this one is just as important to me as the day you were born. On your birthday, 21 years ago, I gave you the gift of life. I gave you my love, my wishes for your future, and although I did not chose them, I gave you a family. I knew my family would always be there for you when you were ready, and I would always be there for you as well. How lucky are we that right now, we want each other. It is a connection that can never be broken.

Like the bracelet I have sent you for your birthday this year, our lives have come full circle and once again I am giving you some important gifts. I am giving you my love, my hopes for our future, and I am hoping our families will continue to embrace one another for the rest of our lives. I loved you then, and I love you now. I am so thankful for the opportunity to get to know you and to share myself, my family, and my love with you. The heart shaped tag attached to the bracelet is to hopefully remind you that you have always been, and will always be in my heart.

Happy Birthday. I love you!

Your Other Mother,



  1. Jenn,

    What a wonderful letter! I would cherish getting something like that from my mother for ever!


  2. I am almost too afraid to share it with her though!! I haven’t sent her card yet, and so want to write this in there. I have to write it today and get it in the mail….otherwise it will be late!!!

    I believe I will send those words though. It is how I feel.

  3. Send it…it is beautiful and she will feel the love dripping from it…

  4. NO going back now…. just wrote it, put it in her card and sealed it. It is now in my mailbox, stamped and ready to leave!!!

    Thanks guys!

  5. What a beautiful letter. Birthdays in reunion are very special. Congratulations for her 21st.

  6. I think its nice.

  7. It is lovely, Jenn. I’m sure she cherishes it.

  8. March 6th…come on…I know you cleaned up a few posts…get them out here…

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