Posted by: jenn11970 | February 22, 2008

EEEEK!!! When did she turn into a little girl?!?!?!

Whenever things get tough…. the tough go get their hair cut??  Eh, whatever.  I had an appointment for a cut yesterday and my hairdresser, whom I adore, has been dying to get hot little scissors on my Little One’s head.  After I was done with my hair cut, I made the decision to get LO’s cut too.  IT was getting long, and from being pulled back all the time, the poor child’s hair was looking desperately think in the front.  So we decided to cut in some bangs to help with the no-pulling-back-the-hair stuff, and also take a bit off of the ends.

When we arrived at the salon my baby was just that…..a baby.  I know 32 months is NOT a baby, but in my mind she was still a baby.  When we left, I had a preschooler.  A beautiful preschooler, but a little girl.  So without further ado…..the trauma in pictures!!!


Here we are getting ready with Casey the Great!  DD had a wonderful time with the cape, pulling it up on her face and then pulling it away and yelling “BOO!!” or “Spooky” (pronounced pooky)


Here we are contemplating if we are really ready for this.  It was also in between the “boos”.


Ta-Da… the finished product with Casey-the-Great!!

My Little Girl.  Now the cliche…Where oh where does the time go????

We really did have a fun day. She was very good and no tears, except from Mom.



  1. what a cutie

  2. Awww Jenn, The first time is so hard!! She’s adorable!!

  3. she must be a teenager by now….hehehe

    how did last night go??

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