Posted by: jenn11970 | January 9, 2008

Going to Court

Hopefully tomorrow will be the day Little One’s Paternal grandma gets justice for her son’s death. She and I have been talking a lot, as she has been having a very rough time of it lately. The holidays were the worst, and I can’t even begin to understand how she feels. She has lost TWO sons to car accidents. The first was only 8 years old in 2004, and then Little Ones’s biological Father in April of 2007. Tomorrow we are hoping to hear that the driver of the car involved in C’s death will be getting prison time.

I knew she really wanted to go, but she didn’t want to face her ex’s family all alone. I offered to go with her, and I really hope they will read my letter ( Thanks again Amris!!) in court. They keep giving the case a continuance, and I so want some closure for M. ( M is Little One’s paternal G’ma) She is such a good person, and I hate to see and hear her struggling so much to maintain some semblance of sanity. No mother should have to go through this.

So, I am asking for good vibes, good thoughts, and prayers to not only help get justice for C, but to help those close to him heal. I wish there was more I could do. I wish I could make this guy understand that no one wants to go to jail, but when you make the choices he did…. you do the crime, you do the time.

I am very nervous to go tomorrow because I know that that whole wing of the bio family wanted a relationship with Little One, and it will NEVER happen. Call me what you want, feel what you want to feel, but these people are BAD NEWS. If any of MY family were like them, she wouldn’t be allowed near them either, so this has NOTHING to do with the adoption, and EVERYTHING to do with being a responsible parent. They are a bunch of lying, cheating, thieving, druggies. They have no respect for life, least of all their own. All of the males in that family have spent some amount of time behind bars while the “matriarch” makes excuses for them. I don’t need my daughter to be around that kind of person or people. Thankfully, M agrees. She has seen what their influence can be like first hand, and agrees that it is no place for LO.

So think of us tomorrow, sitting together, united for C at 1:30pm.



  1. sending good, good hopes and thoughts for you and the family!

  2. I hope and pray for justice…plain and simple…two children to two car accidents…my god how strong does one woman have to be for pete sake. let us know how it goes PLEASE…

  3. PS can we get an updated header of that cutie of yours….or maybe a post of some current pics of her…

  4. Sure… I haven’t figured out how to put pics into my posts yet!! LOL!!!!


  5. Thank you mama for your good thoughts!!!

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