Posted by: jenn11970 | January 2, 2008

The New Year

It has been quite crazy in my house the past week.  My brother, his wife, his 2.5 yr old son, and their 2 month old daughter spent the week with us.  It was so nice to have family with us.  My siblings all live on the east coast in NY and NJ.  I am the only one that left the nest of the fast and the furious for the sedentary life-style that is the Midwest.  The week was long, as any week can be with 2 toddlers both wanting the same toy, but we all survived.  Note to self: Frying pans for the Christmas gift that was a kitchen…… double as weapons when in 2.5 yr old hands.  We ventured into Chicago on Sunday and took in the Sears Tower, and went to the Navy Pier with the intention of hitting the museum there.  Baby/Toddler meltdowns prevented this from occurring, so we just ate dinner down there, watched the snow begin, and headed home.  It was still a lot of fun.  We rang in the New Year with my cousin, her friend, her friend’s son, and many rounds of bowling and tennis on the Wii.  We also played Guitar Hero III, and enjoyed Dick Clark around midnight.  It was a lot of fun, with lots of laughter, food, and some boozing…….LOL!!!!  We all admitted that midnight now feels VERY late, and laughed how back int the day, we would have been just getting started.  Ahhh, how your twenties feel so far away on the verge of 38.

Spoke with L on Christmas day and she loved her gifts.  What a relief that was.  We both laughed as we found out we both got a Wii for Christmas and laughed even harder when we found out our favorite game is Donkey Kong!!  I so wish we lived nearer to one another, and that I wasn’t still so gun-shy about calling her.  i really tread lightly, and still wonder exactly where I fit into her life.  I do know these things take time, and I think if we are able to get another visit together, it will make it easier for us to talk about it.  I have so many questions I want to ask her, but when on the phone with her, I never want to dig that deep.  Adoption is like skydiving for me.  I know I have a chute on, but I also know the plane is safe.  Why jump out of a perfectly functioning plane if I really don’t have to?  Kind of like, why get into all the sticky details if the status quo seems to be okay for both of us?

DH and I are thinking about trying IUI to get pregnant.  I am a little leery, since I am going on 38, and running after Little One is enough most days.  I definitely want more children, and adoption is on the way back burner.  I am happy with J and her family, and I am happy with how it is going, but don’t know if I can do it again.  Lots of thing to think and talk about in the next few months though.  I so want my daughter to have siblings to bond with and enjoy for the rest of her life.  When my parents are gone, I will still have my sister and my 3 brothers.  I don’t want Little One to ever feel alone.  I also saw how she was with my brother’s newest addition to his family, and it was so cute.  She actually now calls her baby doll by my niece’s name.  Walks around carrying her and calling her “Baby M”.  It is too cute.

The cat is finally out of the bag that my sister is pregnant again.  It is great news, as she was told she would never have kids, and here she is on number 2.  She told me on November 7th, and swore me to secrecy until she could surprise the family at Christmas.  Everyone was so surprised I didn’t leak the news.   Lots of exciting things going on.

I will try to stay a bit more current, as I know Deb is getting frustrated with me… wink, wink!!

Happy New Year All, may it be filled with Love, Peace, Happiness, and Friendships. New beginnings abound in 2008!!!!



  1. I am happy to see two posts…YEAH…It amazes me that we think so much alike…this post too…if you go IUI talk to me…I am for adoption and domestic again if you can handle it…but we can talk about that too…I guess we really do need a day to ourselves…and BTW what did you get for L…

  2. Since she expressed an interest in Hindu, Wicca, and Druids, I got her what is called a Pagan Rosary. It is made up of 81 prayer beads or devotionals, and each bead represents a Goddess. Some of the Goddesses are Christian Saints, Native American Holy Women, Hindi, and Wiccan representatives too. The beads are made of Tiger’s Eye, and it has a beautiful Amethyst hand wrapped with silver that dangled down from the beads. It was made by a friend of a friend. She has a great website and makes gorgeous stuff.
    I also got her a nice photo album since I know she and her friends are always taking pictures.
    She loved it all!!


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