Posted by: jenn11970 | December 6, 2007

Stephanie and Evelyn Bennett

What has happened to this family is a true tragedy.  I am posting this on my blog to help support this young woman in getting her daughter back.  The tragedy is the way adults preyed on this young woman; from the man who got her pregnant, to the guidance counselor she went to for support.  The Agency involved used the lowest of the low in coercive tactics to get what they wanted.

Please help in bringing awareness to the general public that coercive tactics are still in full force today in some adoption agencies. Let’s start saying NO! to agencies that use lies and deceit to feed their bottom lines!  Let the judges in this case know this family has support!!

This is from AmyAdoptee from Soul of Adoption:
Please anyone who has a blog. Please post this on your blogs. If we do it again, maybe just maybe the judges in Ohio will do something about it.

Do you remember this case? It involved a seventeen year old girl, Stephanie Bennett. She was molested by a family friend. She got pregnant as a result. She had a daughter named Evelyn. She went to her high school counselor’s office to get advice on a schedule change. She ended up discussing adoption with him. He presents her with an adoption agency pamphlit. The next day an adoption recruiter was at his office. This recruiter advised this girl to run away from home. This young girl was terrified. The father in her case had been threatening her, Evelyn, and her family. He had threatened to kill them all. They suggested that she tell the court that she was being abused by her parents. The agency is A Child’s Hope. They are known for causing adoption disruptions. These folks are in it for the money. They don’t care about adoptees, natural parents, or adoptive parents. Yes even adoptive parents have filed complaints against this agency. This agency was under investigation. At this time there is no word on that. There was rumors that this agency was going to be shut down. There was rumors that people were going to jail. Nothing has happened. There is talk of adoption agencies being forced to tighten up their homestudies.

Stephanie’s family went to court on December 4, 2007. The judges in this court appearance blasted the adoption agency and their attorneys. A decision could take 60-90 days. Stephanie has yet to have her day in court. The court system has yet to decide which court will hear her case. As time ticks further along, the harder it becomes to get her daughter back.

You can reference these blogs as points of contact

I also know several adoptive parents who have written on her behalf as well.



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