Posted by: jenn11970 | November 22, 2007

Thankful on this Thanksgiving

Although this year has definitely had its low points, there are many things I am very grateful for.  I thought I would take the time to chronicle a few of them.

I am thankful for:

* My wonderful husband and beautiful daughter.

* The parents of my relinquished daughter…. they are amazing people!!!

* The wonderful woman my oldest daughter has become.

* The way my reunion is going so far.

* The support and love of my family.

* The support and love from all of my friends… IRL and on line.

* The many good people I have met, and am getting to know on the web regarding the adoption world.

* The love Little One’s First Mom has for her and us.

* Being able to stay at home with my daughter these past two years… thank you honey!!

* Soul of Adoption.  Without that venue I would never have met some pretty fabulous people, and I would still feel like I belonged nowhere.  I have learned a lot, and I am hoping we can move the site forward toward great things.  Thanks to all the great people who help run that site daily!!

* The First Moms that are braver than I am.  Thank you for speaking your truth for the masses and advocating for change.  I am not as noisy, but I am behind you all the way.

* The strength God has given my DH’s family to get through this first set of holidays without his Dad.

*  The people who are still reading my list, and I hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving!!!!!!




  1. That’s a beautiful list.

    Have a blessed Thanksgiving.

  2. what a wonderful blessing you are in my life as well…take care friend…

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